March 2021


Most of the time, people do not get what cellulite is, even if it affects nearly 90% of people. Cellulite is fat lumps deposited under the skin; this is mainly on the thighs at the back and bum, and they come as a result of genetic issues and lifestyle factors like your diet and your sedentary lifestyle.

Cellulite on your thighs can prevent you from putting on your beautiful short dresses and your booty shorts, as you are constantly reminded of them, thus reducing your confidence. Here are a few ways of reducing the appearance of cellulite.

Loose weight

Extra weight makes your cellulite more visible or showing to avoid such a scenario. Try a weight loss routine that will make you lose weight gradually and not instantly as faster weight loss programs make your cellulite worse. You can try swimming, cycling, light cardio exercises. Still, the secret with that is that one should be consistent.

Massage the dimpled zone

Truly identify the areas with cellulite and ensure to include five minutes in your beauty routine to massage the spots with your lotion massage to improve your blood flow and release excess fluid, which tends to make your dimples less noticeable.

Use products with retinol

When you are a person who is resigned to look for creams to help deal with their cellulite, choose one with retinal; this guarantees to give your skin a fresh look and so smooth. To start seeing results decide to apply it for almost six months, and the retinal content in your cream should be 0.3%. Retinal thickens your skin’s outer layer, all the while helping you cover the bumpy areas underneath.

Drink water

It is the easiest and affordable solution to your cellulite. Water is not only for keeping your body hydrated .the water keeps toxins out of your system and encouraging great blood flow around your body.

Eat healthy food

Ensure your diet comprises many leafy greens; you can put it like half of your meal and carbohydrate, and proteins take the other half. Try eating salads, fruits and drink smoothies. Cut out on junk food like crisps, fries, refined carbs, and reduce sugar intake cut out on cakes carbonated drinks. They are the worst cellulite causes; try to avoid alcohol, avoid fatty foods that contribute to body fat stores resulting in cellulite.

Suppose you ask people how they embraced the journey of changing their hair to locks. In that case, most will tell you that it’s easy and cheaper to maintain them compared to other hairstyles that need a lot of concentration and money. It’s also because locks offer a variety of options to rock them, like doing lovely styles, dying it to your desired colours if you are a colour fanatic.

With styling, you can tie them up as a bun or them flow freely; you can even add extensions to make them long or cut them short whenever you want. You will still look fantastic, and that’s why I have a few tips to help in your locks regiment that will keep them healthy and thriving to achieve your required lock goals.

Keep them moisturized

The belief that locks do not require moisturizer, just like your natural loose hair should cease, it’s because dry hair breaks and dry waves become brittle. Brittle locks are great to turn off such that you can decide to cut them off. To avoid such from happening, purchase a leave in the moisturizer specifically for your locks; you can find them in beauty shops.

Use apple cider vinegar in place of conditioners

The habit of using conditioners daily on your locks should stop, especially on your start-up locks; this is because conditioners make them loose hence damaged. To prevent that, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar; it’s terrific on the locks as it leaves them soft and conditioned and prevents a build-up.

Limit washing

Most of the time, our locks are affected by the build-up and bad smells, which will tempt you to wash them anytime you feel like that. Frequently washing your scalp will make your scalp dry, resulting in itchiness, flaking, thinning, and breaking locks. You can wash the locks after ten days or a fortnight but only for matured locks for new locks let them mature.

Dry your locks after washing

When we do not dry our locks well, they develop a mildew smell .you can imagine how the clothes you haven’t put out to dry for like two days smell terrible. You can invest in a drier but ensure it’s on low heat to dry your hair or sit up and wait it out, and while at it, ensure that your locks are loose and don’t cover them until you are sure they are dry.

Use natural oils

Embrace essential oils like olive and coconut oil to give your locks a soft shine and glow .you can also try to dilute tea tree oil. It has antifungal bacteria, thus keeps away fungal infections .you can go a notch higher with the famous Jamaican black castor oil, which will moisturize your scalp and keep it healthy. With a healthy scalp, your locks will grow longer and more robust; that’s every locks enthusiast’s dream.

Cover your locks at night

Try to wear satin scarfs or simple bonnets on your head to cover your locks. This routine will keep your locks moisturized, and well-moisturized locks will not break all the while they will be radiantly dry with a unique glow.

Do not use a lot of products on your locks

Locks are naturally made from matted or coiling your loose hair, thus particularly prone to build up, and that’s why you should avoid excessive use of products on them.

Prioritize on products your locks need and not those you want and avoid excessive use of leave-in moisturizer and conditioners as they tend to leave behind many residues resulting in the build-up. If you have to use the products, use the lighter ones.

High blood pressure is a disease also known as hypertension. It refers to the force of your blood pushing against the artery walls. High blood pressure is fatal as it leads to blood vessels’ damage, resulting in heart disease, kidney diseases, and other cardiovascular problems. High blood pressure is so feared hence the name silent killer because it doesn’t have visible symptoms; therefore, it can go unnoticed for years even. When it’s so high and too low, it can kill you instantly.

In contrast, estimations many adults have hypertension, having high blood pressure comes from uncontrolled factors like family history, gender, etc. You can also control high blood pressure like exercise and diet plans. In your diet plan ensures you take foods with potassium, magnesium, and low sodium they help control blood pressure.

Such foods include:


There are many types of berries such: raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries, which are so rich in flavonoids components and they are vital to regulating cellular activity and also fights off free radicals that cause stress and make toxins in your body; the strains can cause high blood pressure you can add berries in your diet during breakfast or at your snack time.

Red beetroots

These red beets are high in nitric oxide, and this oxide helps in opening up your blood vessels, which lowers your blood pressure constricted blood vessels cause blood not to flow smoothly, which results in high blood pressure.

Garlic and special herbs

Garlic is widely known for its role too, increase nitric oxide in the body, which in turn helps to promote vasodilation, aiding blood to flow smoothly without pressure; when pressure is evaded, we reduce blood pressure. To add taste to your food to avoid a lot of salt intake, try these rosemary and cinnamon spices as salt contains sodium and when in excess, salt leads to high blood pressure.


The knowledge that eating potassium-rich foods helps lower blood pressure and banana is one of them as it contains very high potassium levels and low sodium. Potassium is vital in regulating fluid balance, muscle contractions, and nerve signals with these functions high blood pressure occurrences are reduced. 

Fish and salmon

Fish is a widely know great source of protein. It Is also readily available. Salmon, mostly known as a fatty fish, is high in omega 3 and also dagga, a very affordable fish species, is rich in omega 3. This omega 3 helps reduce blood pressure and lower triglycerides, which are just lipids in the blood excess of them in the blood can block our vessels increasing blood flow pressure, thus high blood pressure and reducing inflammation.


For seed-eating lovers like pumpkin and sunflower seeds, eat them unsalted to just sodium as you already take meals that contain sodium. These seeds are fantastic; they contain potassium and magnesium known agents to control blood pressure; you can take the seeds as a snack or just between your meals.

Milk and yogurt

Milk is a known excellent source of calcium and contains low fat that’s purely amazing, and this makes you have to include milk in your diet as this an effective way of reducing your blood pressure; you may not be fun of milk; you can make yoghurt. Still, you have to check its sugar content choose one with low sugar as sugar increases blood pressure.


It is a typical food that is found in many homes, preferably as a breakfast meal, has high fibre content, low fat, and also the lowest sodium levels. High levels of sodium in the body causing high blood pressure as oatmeal in your meal is a guarantee of a healthy live hood and a fabulous day.

Olive oil

Invest in buying extra virgin oil as its just made from pressing olives and thus very organic and healthy ingredients like vitamin E and antioxidants which fight off free radicals which can cause damage to your cells leading to diseases in hypertension .it also contains polyphenols, which are inflammation-fighting compound thus reducing high blood pressure.

Unwanted facial hair is a huge problem, especially for the ladies, it even lowers self-esteem and self-confidence in women, and that’s why searches of how to remove facial hair are many. People purchase creams that have harsh effects on their faces, but we can go the natural way by using homemade ingredients to make scrubs that will help eliminate unwanted facial hair and won’t harm your complexion.

Oatmeal and Banana Scrub

Mash a banana and mix the banana with about tea spoonfuls of oatmeal is like a bowl make sure you massage it on your face for 20 minutes, and you should do it in circular motions to cover the beginning; for great results, use this mixture twice per week. Oatmeal a grainy takes that makes it suitable as an exfoliating agent. It is also impressive as it’s ideal for all skin types.

Rice flour, tumeric, and milk

You can make your facemask by mixing rice flour, turmeric, and milk. You can apply this paste on areas with unwanted hair and wait for like half an hour; when you are sure it’s completely dried, you wash it off with warm water and leaves your face rejuvenated and fresh.

Rosewater, Olive oil, and Alum

To use alum, you have to make sure it’s in powder form. To mix with rosewater as it will then dissolve. You can apply this mixture to affected areas by using a cotton ball. After that, please wait for it to dry off thoroughly but to get effective results, you should apply it more than five times at different intervals, but at closer intervals, you then wash off; after that, you have to hydrate the skin by using a moisturizer or use olive oil.

Rosewater inhibits hair growth.

Egg and Corn Flour mask

To make this mixture, you need sugar corn flour and an egg to ensure you get a thick paste. The paste application on the affected areas takes around 20 minutes. You can peel off the paste when they ascertain it’s scorched. You can do this procedure thrice per week for excellent results.

The proportions should be one egg and two teaspoonfuls. The egg whites stick-on facial hairs and pluck them like a bought wax.

Gelatin and Milk

You can only use unflavoured gelatin powder. You can decide to add a few drops of lemon juice to the gelatin and milk powder mixture. It would help if you heated the mixture to be at a temperature of about 30 degrees. You can let the mixture cool off and apply it to the affected area on your skin. You should wait for 10 minutes for the mix to dry and take it off.

It’s sticky thus useful as it completely peels off all unwanted hairs instantly.

It is among the best options, but people with sensitive skin should not use it.

Onion and Basil

To make this, you need two medium-sized onions and 12 basil leaves. Ensure you use the thin transparent membranes of skin between layers of an onion. You can use the membranes and crash them with basil leaves to make the paste. You then apply the paste on unwanted hair and wait for 25 minutes and wash it with warm water. You should do this at least 3 to 4 times a week for two months.

It is also suitable for all skin types.

Essential oils, Lavender, and Tea tree

These essential oils are amazing. They help in the removal of facial hair. You only have to use the measurements of 1 tablespoon of oil to 4 to 6 drops of tea tree oil to apply it to your face; you need to use a cotton ball. It would help if you used this mixture twice per day for incredible results. These oils have anti-androgenic properties that aid in removing unwanted hair, and it’s suitable for females with oily skin and acne-prone skin types.

Honey and Sugar

To make this paste, you need to have one tablespoon of honey, two tablespoons of sugar, and a teaspoonful of water. You should put the sugar in a bowl, add it with honey and water mixture. You can apply the paste to the unwanted facial hair, place a cloth over the applied area and let it cool off for a couple of seconds, but you have to pull the strip in the opposite direction where your hair is growing. You can do this as often as you need. This mask removes unwanted hair immediately, and it’s suitable for all types of skin.

Making your scrubs is exciting and give you surety that your ingredients have no additional chemicals that will harm your face in the process of removing the unwanted facial hair.

Sometimes you are scared to remove your shoes because you are aware that you have smelly feet that make you uncomfortable, mostly when you hang out with your friends. Most of the time, you are too caught up with life, such that you will never know how the problem started major leading cause is not enough ventilation for your feet, and with it having a lot of sweat glands that equals a lot of sweat, you know. Then bacteria feeds off on it, resulting in acid that causes smelly feet, poor hygiene, and some diseases that cause your feet to start smelling.

Here are a few home remedies that can help stop your feet from smelling.

Good hygiene routines

An individual has to make an effort to invest in a good mild soap and a brush to clean your feet l to get great excellent results, and you should do this every day. You can also cut your nails as a cleanliness routine.

After cleaning your feet, use a nice clean, dry towel to dry them, and while at it, you can apply baby powder to keep your feet dry and avoid putting on the same shoes every day.

Invest in a good spray

You might opt to buy yourself an excellent deodorant or antiperspirant to do away with or make the smell appear mild when it makes you and people near you uncomfortable.

Wear clean socks

When it comes to wearing socks, ensure they are clean socks. Dirty socks worsen your situation, as they already stink. Invest in soaks made with chemicals to reduce bacteria, which tends to bring about athlete’s foot, and that’s a guarantee your feet will stink .try wool socks that will pull away sweat from your feet as excess work is a cause of smelly sweet.

Watch your diet

Embrace a healthy balanced diet. Ensure that fruits and vegetables are half the meal you can serve carbohydrate ¼ and proteins ¼. Ensure that your intake of red meat is reduced compared to your intake of white meat like fish or chicken because your body uses a lot of energy to break down red meat, which equates to a lot of sweat all through your body, including your feet.

You can also do away with sulfur content foods like garlic, cabbage, and onions. And with processes foods, if you must take them observe portion control.

Use Apple cider Vinegar.

Apple cider is a must-have vinegar in every household because it has many benefits, such as digestion and weight-loss regimes. It’s cheap and readily available. Apple cider is a magical wonder with its ability to kill bacteria and excess dry sweat. These two are the leading causes of smelly feet, because apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid thus highly acidic.

Apple cider vinegar is easy to use; you can take a ½ a cup of it, mix it with like a jug of water and let your feet soak in it for around 20 minutes .you can include this in your cleanliness routine depending on how smelly your feet are like twice per week.

Buy medicated insoles

One of the significant causes of smelly feet is wet feet as a result of sweating. Medicated insoles guarantee that feet wetness is controlled by absorbing excess moisture produced by your feet.

Sometimes you may try out these natural solutions, but the smell does not; you can check up with your professional doctor to prescribe for you medications to treat or manage your smelly feet problem, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up because of it.

Did you know you know being underweight can be unhealthy as being obese? Since your body has a lesser body mass required to sustain your optimal health, you are prone to infections, fertility issues, early deaths, impaired immune systems, and higher risks of Dementia.

Most people are naturally skinny but healthy. Before deciding to gain weight, you need to visit your doctor to determine the underlying cause of your weight loss or being underweight.

Gaining weight is not as easy as eating junk foods regularly. It is challenging as the kind of food you eat, including junks and fatty foods, may negatively affect your health. To gain a balanced amount of muscle and subcutaneous fat without it resulting in unhealthy belly fat, you need to do it right.

It is essential to change your lifestyle into a healthy one to get the best results.

What causes underweight?

Being underweight does not mean you are unhealthy. Various conditions may cause a drastic weight loss. They include:


Some people have a naturally low BMI due to their family’s physical characteristics.

Poor mental health

Issues with mental health such as stress, depression, and anxiety can affect an individual’s appetite and ability to eat. Eating disorders such as Anorexia can influence your body’s image and eat.

Medical conditions

Some diseases causing diarrhea and vomiting make it hard to gain weight. Chronic illnesses such as Cancer, Diabetes, Digestive Issues, and Thyroid disorders decrease a person’s appetite leading to massive weight loss. Infections including HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis make it challenging to add some pounds.


Certain medicines can cause nausea and affect appetite. Treatments such as Chemotherapy tamper with your eating regime are worsening weight loss.

Hormonal imbalances

An attack on your hormones may affect your appetite and metabolic rate leading to weight loss.

Physical activity

Too many activities such as frequent exercises and workouts may burn many calories, working against your weight gain aim.

Why is being Underweight a danger?

While being underweight does not mean unhealthy, there are issues associated with having less weight and body mass to support your health.

These include:

  • Impaired Immune System: Since your body does not have enough nutrients to store energy, it lacks the strength to fight off infections and illnesses, leading to falling sick regularly. It may also affect your immune by slowing its recovery after being sick.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies: Being underweight mostly means you do not have enough nutrients in your body required for proper functioning. For example, lack of calcium may lead to weaker bones leading to Osteoporosis, while iron deficiency may cause Anemia.
  • Anemia: This condition is likely to be caused by a lack of enough Vitamins, Folate and Iron. You will experience dizziness, headaches, and fatigue.
  • Hair loss: Being underweight can cause your hair to thin and fall out.
  • Increased risk of Dementia
  • Increased fertility issues in women
  • Bone weakness

9 Tips to gain weight fast

Gaining weight is not simple and may require consistency in lifestyle changes and diet. It would help if you chose what you eat correctly to receive better results instantly.

Aim to gain weight gradually until you reach your required consequence. During this period, do not rely on sugary, high-calories foods full of saturated fat, including sugary drinks, cakes, chocolate, and chips, as they will negatively affect your health.

However, for the tips to be useful, you may need to see a doctor to know the reason for your condition or a dietician for the best meal plans and diet.

Consider the following for extra pounds:

Double your food Intake

Starting to get more food into your system may not be easy.  For instance, if you are used to taking three meals per day, you can increase food quantity by eating 5 to 6 times a day, each meal in equal portions.

It may be challenging during the first weeks, but you will be amazed by the results as taking extra calories may add an extra pound each week.

Ensure you add five portions of fruits and vegetables daily.

Eat plenty of protein.

Protein is among the most critical nutrient for gaining healthy weight and building muscle.

The muscle of protein, and without it, most of the extra calories we eat end up as body fat.

Eating high protein foods including meats, fish, eggs, many dairy products, legumes, nuts, and protein bars, helps you gain weight without adding fat through boosting muscle mass.

To do it right, aim for 0.7-1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight 1.5-2.2 grams of proteins per kilogram. You can go above if your calorie intake is high.

Drink lots of water

Water is an important part of a healthy being. You may be wondering how water may aid in weight gain, or what part it plays in adding an extra pound, but the fact is, dehydration is one of the top causes of fitness challenges. Having the required amount of water each day helps you with the energy required to get to the extra weight you need.

Drinking at least 8 glasses or more daily will help you gain weight. However, ensure you avoid drinking water before your meals as that leaves you eating little.

Have snacks before bed

Eating a snack or a small meal before getting to bed is ideal for your weight gain. Having whole-grain and high protein snacks with higher calories is ideal for extra pounds.

Since your body builds muscle during sleep, having a snack before dozing off supplies your body with nutrients that help it build enough lean muscle.

You can snack on dessert, ice cream, nuts such as raisins and almonds, cereal bars, peanut butter, yogurt, and bananas.


Exercises are effective for keeping you fit and healthy. However, in excess, they will burn more calories that may lead to weight loss. To gain extra pounds while engaging in activities and workouts, you can include strength training and resistance exercises. Simply incorporate weightlifting and Yoga to gain lean muscle and bound fat gains.

Moreover, exercises such as Squats, Deadlifts, twists curls, military press, bench press, and Dips greatly increase your weight with consistency.

Have enough rest and sleep

Sleep is a very vital part of your brain, metabolism as well as performance, including weight gain. When at rest, your muscles have all the time to renovate, rebuilt, and strengthened. Having an 8-hour sleep every day and a break for rests will help you get the profit of your weight gain diet.

Eat more calories

The number of calories you take every day will guarantee you extra or fewer pounds. If you need to gain weight, you need to increase the calories you take daily. For instance, if you are used to consuming 1000 calories, you may need to add 500 more calories than the body burns to gain weight easily. That would mean 1500 calories per day.

It is important to select high-calorie and nutrient-dense foods, including avocados, nuts, nuts, butter, soups, potatoes, and seeds, to boost your calorie intake.

Get treatment for underlying conditions.

If you are underweight, it is ideal to find out what is causing your condition or why you might be losing weight. There are various medications, treatments, and diseases that may affect your weight gain process. Talking to your doctor to rule out any issue may help you get started in a healthier way. Visiting a dietitian can give you insights on the right diet plans you can use to achieve your goal.

Choose your foods wisely.

Getting the right food is an important part of any weight gain process. Since it is a gradual process and involves the whole body growing a few inches, there is a need for healthy and nutrient-filled foods. Ensure you limit foods rich in fiber, high in salt, added sugar, processed food, refined oils, refined grains, and processed meats.

On the other hand, you should increase the intake of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meat, legumes, eggs, fish, poultry, seeds, dairy products, rice, and extra virgin oil for a healthier weight gain.

Adding weight is not an easy process taking days or weeks. You will require several months or years to reach your healthy weight, depending on your body’s metabolism. You need to commit and follow daily diet routines and exercises for the best results. It is not a walk in the park, but there is need for you to remain motivated.

It is a gradual process, and you should not expect miracles.

It is important you eat the right foods, especially increasing your calorie intake, doubling your food intake daily, snacking, Exercise, choosing your food, drink water, and eating more protein. Changing your lifestyle starts with you for a healthier you.