A healthy guide to amazing hair locks

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Suppose you ask people how they embraced the journey of changing their hair to locks. In that case, most will tell you that it’s easy and cheaper to maintain them compared to other hairstyles that need a lot of concentration and money. It’s also because locks offer a variety of options to rock them, like doing lovely styles, dying it to your desired colours if you are a colour fanatic.

With styling, you can tie them up as a bun or them flow freely; you can even add extensions to make them long or cut them short whenever you want. You will still look fantastic, and that’s why I have a few tips to help in your locks regiment that will keep them healthy and thriving to achieve your required lock goals.

Keep them moisturized

The belief that locks do not require moisturizer, just like your natural loose hair should cease, it’s because dry hair breaks and dry waves become brittle. Brittle locks are great to turn off such that you can decide to cut them off. To avoid such from happening, purchase a leave in the moisturizer specifically for your locks; you can find them in beauty shops.

Use apple cider vinegar in place of conditioners

The habit of using conditioners daily on your locks should stop, especially on your start-up locks; this is because conditioners make them loose hence damaged. To prevent that, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar; it’s terrific on the locks as it leaves them soft and conditioned and prevents a build-up.

Limit washing

Most of the time, our locks are affected by the build-up and bad smells, which will tempt you to wash them anytime you feel like that. Frequently washing your scalp will make your scalp dry, resulting in itchiness, flaking, thinning, and breaking locks. You can wash the locks after ten days or a fortnight but only for matured locks for new locks let them mature.

Dry your locks after washing

When we do not dry our locks well, they develop a mildew smell .you can imagine how the clothes you haven’t put out to dry for like two days smell terrible. You can invest in a drier but ensure it’s on low heat to dry your hair or sit up and wait it out, and while at it, ensure that your locks are loose and don’t cover them until you are sure they are dry.

Use natural oils

Embrace essential oils like olive and coconut oil to give your locks a soft shine and glow .you can also try to dilute tea tree oil. It has antifungal bacteria, thus keeps away fungal infections .you can go a notch higher with the famous Jamaican black castor oil, which will moisturize your scalp and keep it healthy. With a healthy scalp, your locks will grow longer and more robust; that’s every locks enthusiast’s dream.

Cover your locks at night

Try to wear satin scarfs or simple bonnets on your head to cover your locks. This routine will keep your locks moisturized, and well-moisturized locks will not break all the while they will be radiantly dry with a unique glow.

Do not use a lot of products on your locks

Locks are naturally made from matted or coiling your loose hair, thus particularly prone to build up, and that’s why you should avoid excessive use of products on them.

Prioritize on products your locks need and not those you want and avoid excessive use of leave-in moisturizer and conditioners as they tend to leave behind many residues resulting in the build-up. If you have to use the products, use the lighter ones.

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