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Do you feel incomplete without your heels? Dou you own a pair(s) of heels? Heels are most women’s pride worldwide. They are a must-have fashion accessory in any wardrobe. As much as they add confidence, power, and sophistication required to complete the look, these “killer heels” have a way of affecting the bearer.

Heels were originally created for the male horse riders to prevent their feet from slipping the stirrups; it is on the top of the list footwear choice for women everywhere. They are addictive and cost much but that does not stop ladies from owning as many pairs as possible.

For any fashion-minded women, heels are a symbol of beauty, style, and luxury. However, do they know why the killer heels do to their bodies?

Here are the reasons you need to change your mind:

Lower back pain

 Heels improve your appearance. However, as much as you will look great, confident, and powerful, their effects on your body after long use are eye-opening. When walking or standing on heels, your pelvis tends to push forward placing great pressure on your lumbar spine. In return, you have tremendous pain on your lower back which if not corrected, may lead to serious complications and discomfort.

Lack of cushion

Wearing heels is amazing. However, with heels, your entire body weight is placed on the ball of your feet and the heels become the balance. In the long run, heels tend to wear out the natural padding you have on the ball of your foot and create immense pain and discomfort.

Increased joint pain

Flat soled shoes have a significant level of shock absorption, unlike heels. You can easily rotate your toes and foot what heels deny you with its straight and unbending position your feet are forced to adhere to.

A free and comfortable shoe will relieve some pressure from your legs. However, high heels cause the knee to absorb the pressure in every step leading to severe joint pain cases or symptoms of arthritis. It is not advisable to stay in heels for a long time as your amazing beauties will leave your joints stiff and sore. You may also experience leg cramps due to the worn-out cartilage in the joints.

Nerve pain and damage

The beautiful killer heels do not only negatively impact the feet but also our delicate nervous system. Heels are incredible, but anything beyond 3 inches with time causes a condition known as Stenosis. It is mostly characterized by numbness, shooting pain, cramping, spasms, muscle weakness, and joint issues. It is also a possible cause of Sciatica.

Changed posture

Wearing wheels will lead you to adapt to a different walking style due to a change in the center of your gravity.  If you wear heels on a daily basis and on a longer period, your tendons and muscles adapt to your movement, standing, or walking. However, this adaptation may have a negative effect on hamstrings, calf muscles, spine, back and the plantar Fascia increasing injury possibilities.  Moreover, they shorten the back and calves.

Damaged toenails

According to research from Layola Medicine, high heels cause ingrown toenails. When toes compress against each other, they cause the big toenails to grow into the skin. If that happens, you are prone to have fungal infections.

Rocking your favorite footwear may not be that dangerous if used in moderation. Ensure the heels you wear should not be 3 and above inches, as it is, ‘the higher the heels, the greater the strain’.

With that said, how can you solve these issues?

  • Stretch your leg muscles before and after wearing heels
  • Minimize the time you wear heels
  • Always get a fitting heel or shoe, most probably in the afternoon when the feet are at their best.
  • Massaging your feet after wearing heels.
  • Avoid pointed shoes.

Who knew a day on the beach could be this loaded with benefits? Beaches are beautiful for sightseeing, swimming, and sports. However, many do not know what the climate on the beach can do other than relaxation and unwinding. It is a perfect skin and beauty regime that won’t cost you much.

A walk on the beach can be so beneficial. You got to enjoy the blue skies, beautiful waves, feel the warm sand, amazing sunsets, and so on. Once on the beach, be ready to experience a whole lot of what they have to offer. Sunbathing is ideal but to make memories, you have to get moving.

Here is what to get:

Healing properties

Ocean water contains numerous minerals like magnesium a widely known anti-inflammatory and an anti-microbial agent responsible for getting rid of acne. Potassium, calcium, and magnesium altogether help to absorb toxin in the body while promoting healing for acne and other skin conditions.


 Ocean water contains salt which is responsible for scraping off dead skin which promotes the growth of healthy glowing skin. The beach sand’s rough texture aids in removing dead skin on your body. The mineral water opens up pores that encourage blood flow which gets your creams and moisturizers easily absorbed on the skin.

Beauty sleep

Beaches are relaxing and rejuvenating. The serene environment and cool breeze help relieve stress and tension for better sleep. A relaxed body will always be active and function well. To make the best out of it, take a nap earlier and when you feel sleepy.

Reduce weight

At the beach, you are definitely going to take a dive or do a little swimming. You can easily burn over 500 calories, tone up, and lose weight. This is much better than going to the gym or taking a jog which is very tiring.  

Get vitamin D     

A day at the beach bar guarantees you amazing exposure to sunlight which is a great source of vitamin D. The ultraviolet rays make cholesterol in our bodies and synthesize it into vitamin d3. Vitamin D is vital for healthy bones, improved metabolism, and a great immune system.

Amazing hair

Good healthy hair is a sign of beauty right? Ocean water contains salts which act as cleansers for your hair as they remove stuck oils from your scalp and hair. However, salty water may leave a dry scalp; it removes dandruff and build-ups from your hair retaining your shine.

Do you have a good relationship with your children? Did you know bonding with your children is this simple?

Parenting is not an easy task. With all the determination, commitment, sacrifice, resources, and effort involved, being a parent is one of the greatest. To ensure your relationship with your children is strong, one has to encourage open communication. When your parent-children connection is strong, it makes parenting easier and enjoyable. Children who are connected to their parents tend to be good listeners, help with chores, perform better in school, follow rules, and talk to their parents about their problems at school, home, or friends.

To build that connection, the simple things you do to or with them matters a lot.  Children who feel loved and appreciated will easily want to make their parents proud and happy. They are humble and behave well. However, the relationship does not mean you tolerate their bad behaviors or spoil them.  Be the parent and build a lifetime relationship with your kids.

Here is how to bond with them:                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Respect your children’s choices

As a parent, you may find it tough to accept your children’s choices which is normal. Most parents fail to realize that, their children are learning and growing fast. You may not like your child’s choice of dressing, what career path they want, which school they need to join, the food they want to eat, or even their room arrangement, but it is important you respect their choices. Most of the time children strive for independence even at a young age and parents should help foster those decision-making skills by being supportive.

Make them a priority

Your children should never feel that they aren’t a priority in your life. They notice when you not paying attention to them. Sometimes as a parent no matter the stress or issue you have. Enjoy your children and stop worrying about things that can always be solved later. Parents always forget that children grow up so fast and will move away, so every day with them should be special. It is advisable to take advantage of the time together when you still have it.

Accept your children’s help

Parents sometimes refuse opportunities of their children wanting to help. For example, children may feel the need to help in children or cleaning. Simply telling them that they do not know what they are doing dampens a child’s spirit and this means parents will miss out on opportunities for strengthening their relationship as there is no closeness.

You can give them a task of unloading groceries after going to the store, this is a task that is no age limit and will make your children feel powerful when they help. Children can also give you great opinions. You can ask how your blouse, dress, or hair looks like or how tasty the food is. They will know you value their opinion and will feel proud.  When you get their opinion, make sure you are able to live with it.

Eat meals as a family

When you eat together, it sets a stage for real amazing conversation and sharing. Collect all phones and put them away or turn off the television during meals to avoid distractions. Ensure there is total concentration and do not rush through meals. Let them take their time and do some real talk, and just enjoy each other’s company. These moments will always be remembered no matter how long it will be or when they grow up and move out.

Tell your children you love them

It is recommended for parents to tell their children they love them no matter their age. It does not matter if you are fighting, disagreements, or punishing them. Your frequency in telling them of your love builds your relationship further. During your conflict moments is the best time to remind them you love them as a simple ‘I love you’, your children will always feel safe, loved, and appreciated.

Play with them

Children sometimes need their parents to take part in their activities. You can at times get from your bed or couch and join your children on the floor to play with their dolls, throw balls, play hide and seek, decorate balloons, sing songs, paint or play cooking games. You can also play cards, video games, or chess with your teenagers. You do not have to get a specific game to play. As long as you give your children full attention in the playground you are good to go.  Let your children experience your goofy and playful side. You may be amazed at how they would want to involve you in everything they do.

The 21st Century has not only been known for innovative and creative advancements but also lifestyle issues such as obesity. Child obesity is among the serious public health challenge that is affecting low and middle-income countries. This global pandemic is common among children in urban settlements with the prevalence increasing at an alarming rate.

Globally, the number of overweight children stands at over 50 million. According to studies, most of these children stay obese till adulthood which has given a clear passage to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and stroke.

Preventing obesity in children is possible if only parents and guardians take their awareness higher. It should be the priority of those in charge to plan and strategize on the best way to handle the children and introduce healthy living.

Use these tips to let health take over:

Be their role model

You need to take up the role of modeling the healthy habits you want your children to possess. Show them what needs to be done and what importance it has. For instance, every morning, take your healthy breakfast, your snacks, lunch, and so on. Do not keep them in the dark about how you eat. However, most parents may force their children to take what they themselves hate. For children to learn and stick to a habit, do it with them. Exercise or eat the greens and fruits together. It does not only build your bond but also builds healthy eating behavior.

Limit Tech Time

Nowadays, tech is everything. Most parents prefer to buy gadgets for their children rather than buying playing tools such as balls, dolls, skipping rope, etc. Children prefer spending time with their tablets or on Televisions as opposed to running around, playing ball, or riding bicycles. This is evident in children whose parents have tight work schedules and have less or no time for children.

Most households have Television, tablets, phones, and iPods. Parents believe in children’s independence. Playing video games, listening to music, watching cartoons, Facebooking, and texting are considered healthy. Do you know creating a schedule of activities and supervising them could prevent obesity? If not, that is what you can do. Make a timetable of activities children can do to remain active and keep an eye while guiding them.

Eat healthy snacks

Parents at large succumb to their children whims on what kind of snack they want. Children have a sweet tooth that guides on the sugary and fatty snacks they crave for. Snacks are mostly to fill the gap on the nutrients missed. However, we forget and fall for their desires. During snack time, emphasize on snacks such as fruits and vegetables with a little protein and carbohydrate. Ensure it is enough to keep them hungry during dinner.


Children do not need complicated activities. Exercising should not be that hard other than going to the playground to play ball, ride bicycles, play hide and seek, run, and walking. In most cases, if the parent is active, so will be the children. They are one of the best exercise buddies you can get. Make an exercise routine and do the simple things to sweat it out. A healthy body and mind never got this easy!

Eat meals together

Recent studies found out that, children and teens that ate family meals four times a week were less likely to be obese by 12%. Eating together can help you eat healthier meals and control eating disorders. You get time to eat and chew food properly as well as watch your portions.

Eating High fiber food

To help your children not overeat, include fruits and vegetables in their diet to keep them full for longer. Food such as whole grains, beans, peas, nuts, fruits, and green leafy food should not miss on your shopping list. For serving, the USDA’s plate image is more recommended as you serve everything in small portions.

Involve them in Meal Planning

Parents letting their children participate in meal planning and preparation encourages healthy lifestyles. They are likely to make healthy food choices when putting up a food shopping list and preparing new recipes together. If you have a garden, plant vegetables together and encourage them to cook when ripe.

Did you know you can lower your cholesterol by eating right? Is high cholesterol level your concern? You are in the right place.  Cholesterol is necessary for the proper functioning of cell membranes. Our bodies generally produce the amount of cholesterol we need. Having high levels may be tricky as issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke will be a thing on a daily basis.

Most people are worried about the side effects of bad cholesterol in their bodies. Fortunately, you can easily handle your cholesterol issue by taking healthy foods that are ideal for the optimal, cholesterol-free body. Different diets, lifestyles, and foods work differently in everyone. It is recommended to get a cholesterol test kit to monitor your cholesterol levels at home and what diet and lifestyle fit you best.

Here are some of the healthy foods you should try:

  1. Green Tea            

In East Asia, green tea is believed to ‘wash fat’ out of your body. From various studies, this belief is actually true as it can lower cholesterol by up to 2-5%. Taking this special cup without sugar is healthier as it has few calories. Using it as a substitute for other beverages will guarantee the best results.

2. Barley

Taking whole barley milk as a substitute for wheat products is ideal. Barley is filled with antioxidants and vitamins which are important for strength. Its soluble fiber called Beta-glucan is effective for lowering by reducing the absorption of cholesterol and fat in the body. Taking 3-10 grams or one cup cooked pearled barley lower total cholesterol by 14-20%. You can take in form of barley noodles, whole pearl barley, and barley flour.

3. Dark Chocolate and cocoa

One may think this is not true but it is. Several researchers found that chocolate and cocoa are effective in lowering cholesterol in your body. From study tests, healthy adults took a cocoa beverage twice a day for a month. It is amazing as they experienced a reduction in LDL cholesterol of 6.5 mg/dl as well as reduced and normal blood pressure.

Cocoa and dark chocolate protect oxidation of the bad cholesterol in the body which causes heart diseases. It is recommended to use dark chocolate with 76-85% cocoa content. This is because; chocolate contains a high level of added sugar which might be bad for the heart.

4. Almonds

Almonds are a high-calorie food. However, several studies found that eating half a cup of almonds can lower cholesterol levels by 10%. Using the dose-response study, the results were; a quarter cup of almonds reduces cholesterol by 5% while half a cup caused 10%. If you need to lower and get rid of some oils, it is ideal if you do not consider taking more than half a cup. You can enjoy this superfood as a snack or a breakfast substitute.

5. Garlic

Garlic is associated with its medicinal value. It is filled with antioxidants and a chemical Allicin which kill bacteria and viruses. Studies suggest that taking less than half a clove of raw garlic a day can reduce your cholesterol level by up to 9-12%. This superfood can do you good and can be added to different recipes such as olive oil salad dressings, soups, baking, and cooking. If you love garlic, you know how to use them by now.

6. Fruits and Berries

Fruits and berries are the best for lowering cholesterol with their antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Their soluble fiber encourages your body to get rid of cholesterol and preventing your liver from producing it.

Fruits such as grapes, citrus, apples, and strawberries have pectin, a soluble fiber that lowers cholesterol levels by 10%. Berries and grapes are effective for boosting good cholesterol (HDL) and reducing the bad (LDL) cholesterol. They are also good for the heart and other chronic diseases.

The first thing in a dog keeper’s mind is having a healthy canine. Getting the right food to supplement their diet may be tricky as there are numerous brands on the market that promise to deliver but fail. For your young or senior pet to maintain healthy and strong bones, a nourished and shiny coat as well as long life, it needs a balanced dog food diet.

Before considering food, make sure you can comfortably afford it. Most of these dog food brands are quite costly.  All you need is to get a product that will fit your dog’s tummy needs. One food can be the perfect choice for one dog and unfit to the next. To make the right decision, visit a veterinary to guide you on the best food depending on the breed you have.

Here are some of the best brands:

  1. Nutro

One of the best brands that create simple food recipes that provides your dogs with the right nutrients. Its products are GMO-free and ingredients sourced from reputable producers and suppliers. Their products are clean and essentially fit all breeds and life stages. For those with gluten allergies, their gran free formulation is the best.

Nutro products contain hearty stews and wild frontier formulation that boasts of animal protein. Its max version is made from farm-raised chicken which makes it organic. The ultra-formulation which has lamb, a blend of salmon and chicken, ensures the brain development in puppies is complete. The Max and Ultra versions are specifically made for puppies.

2. Wellness Natural Pet Food

If you are looking for the best food that is made with the consideration that the foundation of any living thing, man and animals, nutrition is essential, This brand tops the list. Most of their dog food is natural. The main ingredients include real meat and protein. It has other products such as complete health, Trufood, and simple. Their trufood wellness version is made of cookies and treaties which are ideas for reinforcement.

Most dog lovers can vote for this product as it ensures optimum health for dogs. It has a wide selection of natural grain-free formulations without unnecessary ingredients. They also have wholesome recipes for optimum whole-body canine health.

3. Hill’s Science Diet

This popular brand name is known for the production of specific diets that cater for various dog breeds. Their products also include those dogs with certain types of canine diseases such as diabetes, gastrointestinal complications, and hip dysplasia. They do not believe in gluten allergies in dogs as the food contains soy, wheat, corn, and other allergenic cereals and grains. This brand is ideal for pet lovers whose canines do not have any allergies.

4. Pure Balance

This affordable dog breed is ideal for dogs that require a balance of fats and proteins. It is readily available as it is a product of Walmart and has premium ingredients. It has a well-balanced formulation which is very essential in your pets’ diet. It is produced using cereal and animal ingredients as a main source of proteins. Carbs and grains are also included which meet the general nutritional value.

5. Purina Pro Plan

This popular brand product comes in four variants that cater to the specific needs of your canines. It has an optimum canine nutrient requirement on a daily basis as they focus products are ideal for dogs with special needs such as obesity or other joint abnormalities. The Sport Variant is ideal for dogs that are ever active. It provides the sporting canine with the necessary nutrients for endurance and strength. The Bright mind product is for puppies’ optimum brain development. On the other hand, The Pro plane is a great choice for any dog as it uses high-quality protein with wholesome carbs and oxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, and healthy fatty acids.

Most pet lovers recommend this brand as it has a variety to choose from in satisfying your canines’ nutritional needs.

Does working from home bring out your potential? Depending on your working space, it does not really matter as long as it has positive results and brings the best out of you. The industry you are working for will determine whether you will work from the office at home.  Working from home is a good decision. However, you need to create a good working environment by acquiring a nice home office to make you productive.

Working from home may be challenging for some due to children, pets or the environment. That does not necessarily mean you cannot be productive behind your kitchen door or on your balcony. As long as you are ready to work, get to work anywhere anytime.

Here is why your home might be ideal:

Flexible schedule

Working from home does not mean you need to have a strict schedule to adhere to. You plan your day; as when you need a break, a family time out, food or rest. There is no specified time for taking care of your work or family.

Saves money

Working from home means you will not use fare or buy lunch. As you will wake up, sit on your working desk and complete your work. For lunch, you can easily cook your meals or take a smoothie which is cheaper. You will also not have unnecessary spending saving you more.

How does it feel to wear everything to your workplace? I guess it’s outstanding. You need not put on heavy makeup or dress in fancy expensive clothes. Everything is simple unless you have a Skype meeting or a conference.

More time for your loved ones      

Being home all the time gives you a chance to schedule your work effectively. You decide when to work and attend to your family. Your children seeing you more makes them grow closer to you and vice versa. You will have enough time to play with your children, pets, and other family members without strain.

No office distraction

You are probably alone at your desk, nobody to talk loudly on the phone or debate with you about the latest trends, politics, food, and business. You have fewer distractions and can work efficiently. However, coworkers are the best, but sometimes you need to be alone to produce more.

Zero commuting        

Once you have established your workplace, you will only have to commute from your bed to your desk. That is cheaper, saves time, and increases productivity. Isn’t this amazing?

Imagine forgetting about crowds and traffic. There is nothing bad being in a crowd, but also a quiet place is more ideal. You will only have you and your desk, easy thinking, and less stress.

A customized environment

An office environment restricts to creating what you want. You may need a mahogany table or blue tile but since you are only an employee, you cannot change but work in it. Working at home gives you a chance to create what you know fit you. You are able to control your workplace by removing unwanted stuff and adding what you need for more production.

How fascinating it gets when you smell your dog’s fur and you are amazed by its scent. For your pets to smell nice, you need to invest in a good shampoo. The best shampoo will not only let your dog’s fur smell good but also nourishes and keeps the shine. Getting a good quality cleaning product for your canine may be tricky. With the variety of products to choose from antibacterial, formulas for dry skin, deodorants, and hypoallergic formulas you may not know what to look for.

A shampoo that is less sensitive to the skin is ideal. You may not have the time to scrub your dog’s skin from the effects of a bad cleaning product.

Here are some of the best shampoo brands you should try:

  1. 4-Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo

This hypoallergenic shampoo is safe for any dog with very dry or sensitive skin. This brand boasts of its organic nature with soothing moisturizers to nourish your dog’s skin without stripping natural oils. It is easy to lather and rinse. Coconut, aloe Vera, jojoba oils, olive oil, and essential oils such as rosemary and lemongrass are the main component in the shampoo. It ensures your dog’s skin is free from fleas and smells good.

2. Nature Miracle: Supreme Odor Control Dog Shampoo

When it comes to the dogs’ odor, this brand is what you need. It comes with a refreshing honey scent and is formulated with natural odor neutralizers to deal with coat odors. It also includes the natural cocoa surfactant that helps cleanse and condition the coat.  Nature miracle is soap-free which makes it safe and gentle in fleas and tick treatment.

3. Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

What do you do when your dog has dry and itchy skin? You get the right shampoo that is loaded with natural ingredients that are safe and gentle. This soapless shampoo is 100% vegan with less irritation. It is tear-free and is a good choice for soothing insect bites. It also includes oils designed to smooth and moisturize matted fur.

4. Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

This brand tops for producing humans products as well as animals. They have an excellent choice shampoo product that has many dog lovers stuck to them. It boasts of producing shampoo with natural ingredients that are gentle and safe for any dog. This special shampoo contains honey to add shine and moisturize the fur. It has a variety of shampoos to choose from Itch soothing, Deodorizing, cleansers, and tear-free puppy versions shampoo.

5. Fresh’n Clean Scented Dog Shampoo

For a working yet affordable shampoo, this tops the list. It is enriched with natural ingredients that give your dog an amazing and long-lasting scent. It cleanses your dog’s coat, removes tangles from the fur as well as keeps the coat shiny and manageable. You can easily apply the shampoo on the coat of your pet with a damp cloth and you are good to go. It does not necessarily need you to wash it.

6. Wahl Pet Friendly Waterless No rinse Dog Shampoo

When your schedule is tight and you need to keep your dog shiny and scented, this easy to apply dog shampoo is here for you. This dry shampoo is convenient as what you need to do is apply the foamy soap to your dog’s coat and ensure it does not touch the eyes. Allow it to dry and you have a refreshed and nice scented dog fur. It is an ideal product for dogs with dry or sensitive coats. You can also use it on senior dogs who find it hard to breathe.

7. Lillian Ruff Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

Seeing your dog itchy can be traumatizing. With this shampoo, the oatmeal makes it right. Apart from the soothing natural formula, it is a deep cleanser that is gentle and safe for any dog. It contains lavender and coconut oils that nourish and moisturize your pet’s coat. It relieves itchiness and irritation while hydrating the skin leaving your dog’s coat soft and shiny.

Lushoto, a region in Tanzania as a must-go place. Filled with more exciting places to view and have fun for all people of all ages. It is a dream come true destination. If you love the wild, this is where you should be. There are various reserves and sites that will blow off your mind and make you fall in love with Lushoto.

You do not need convincing to visit this great area. Not only is it affordable, but the surroundings are also very friendly. Being situated in a country with known ancient tribes, you sure will learn a great deal. It’s also fun interacting with them. In this case, children will most understand the history of the country.

In Lushoto, you can always trek around with tour guides who show you the area as well as explaining to you about everything you need to know about their country and the region at length. Most of them are very knowledgeable and this will help you a great lot. You can, in the end, find the best destination from their recommendation as well.

Here are the most beautiful places n Lushoto worth your tour. For instance:

Soni Falls

The best way to interact with nature, you may need to be in a quiet place, where you have your attention. In this case, the waterfall is the deal place. Soni waterfall is located in the northeastern part of Tanzania in the West of the Usambara Mountains in Soni village. Touring this area will give you peace of mind as well as fun. You will enjoy the best view from the market to the mountain top.

Did you know, you can view the African savanna as well as the cliff of Usambara Mountain while at the waterfall? If not, this tour is what you need.

If you love swimming in cold water, you can have one in the river. Moreover, it can also be good for hiking. You can take a family photo as you continue enjoying the site. It’s a once in a lifetime decision.

Lushoto hotels

 In the Lushoto area, you do not have to worry where you will spend the night or eat. There are various places in the area to offer you the best rest and the best views. Moreover, you will not have to walk for long distances to reach the lodges and hotels from your viewing sites.

Most of these hotels are affordable and the food is fantastic. Moreover, they have the best service and the perfect bed for your rest, unlike in some areas I have visited. As you enjoy your food you can still have the best view of the mountains or other sites. For example, the Irente View Cliff Lodge is a famous one as visitors come here to view the Maasai Steppe.

You can visit some of the best hotels in the region including Lawns hotel, Shellu lodge, Viewpoint lodge highland park hotel, and Lushoto executive lodge. Feel free to walk in any hotel or lodge and you will get all at your convenience.

 Usambara Mountains

The Usambara Mountains are worth your tour. It is situated in Lushoto District, in Northeastern Tanzania. They are well-known ranges whose arc attracts tourists from all over the world. For mountain climbing, biking, birding, and hiking, Usambara got you covered.

They have the best viewpoint and the surrounding forest is very unique in a way as they preserve the fauna and flora of the earth.

Here, you will get not only enjoy the best views and fun but will have tours showing around. Not to forget good food and accommodation in the nearby lodges.

Mkomazi national park

Found at the foothills of the Usambara Mountains and bordering the Tsavo National Park of Kenya. It is the home of the most endangered wild dog and the white rhino. You can never go wrong on this tour if you are in love with animals. You can also tour with children.

The tour guides will take you around the park and tell the history of each animal. The park has a place where you can sit and relax while enjoying the view. You will have a view of the rare species such as the Gerenuk and Oryx. It is not very crowded which makes it an ideal destination.

Mambo Caves

From this pre-historic site, you can enjoy the history of the people of Tanzania. It is believed by archaeologists that the early man’s fossil was found in the country, you will surely think they lived in that cave.

A walk-in Lushoto is a walk-in paradise. Make that decision and experience this great region. There are great sites and hotels that will make your travel even better.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone. Since its onset across the world, there has been an increase in infection transmission and deaths. In the beginning, most people had the stigma of getting tested. With improved awareness, more and more people are getting tested and following the given rules and regulations.

Celebrities, politicians, athletes, and influencers like any other people are affected by this pandemic. Since the onset, they have taken social media a blast to share their disclosures, updates, and encouraging their fans to do the right thing.

Considering the numerous activities high profile people engage in such as private events, meeting people, traveling, or going on shoots, there is an increase in celebrities Covid-19 cases.

Here is a list of some prominent people who have been affected by coronavirus:

  1. Idris Elba: A British musician and actor shared a video on Twitter on March 16 to announce he had tested positive for Coronavirus. While he remains asymptomatic, he decided to test after he was exposed to someone who had been diagnosed with the virus.
  2. Maria Teresa: The Spanish Princess of Bourbon-Parma became the first royal to die from Coronavirus in March.
  3. Prince Albert II: The first head of state to contract the coronavirus and the second royal, the 62-year old prince was home isolation receiving treatment.
  4. Mwana FA: The famous Tanzania Rapper, also Khamis Mwajuma, confirmed to have tested positive to Coronavirus on March 19. He had shared a video on Instagram where he urged his fans to take care of each other.
  5. Kristofer Hivju: A popular Norwegian actor, known for his role in The Game of Thrones, confirmed to have tested positive to Coronavirus on March 16. He shared a photo on Instagram to share the news as he was in isolation with minor symptoms.
  6. Rand Paul: The United States senator became the first senator to test positive for coronavirus in March.  
  7. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson: Internationally recognized actor shared on Instagram on March 11 that he and his wife Rita Wilson had contracted Coronavirus. They confirmed to have tested positive when they felt flu and cold symptoms. They isolated themselves for 14 days for their recovery. They contracted the virus while in Australia shooting a film on Elvis Presley.
  8. Kanika Kapoor: She is one of the first people in the Indian film industry to test positive to coronavirus. The singer was diagnosed with three others in Uttar Pradesh. However, she angered people when she didn’t disclose her foreign travels putting hundreds on the risk of contracting the virus.
  9. Prince Charles and Camilla: The eldest son to Queen Elizabeth II and first in line to the British throne, Prince Charles tested positive to Coronavirus on 25th March. With only mild symptoms, he had isolated himself together with the wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall who confirmed to be positive to the virus.
  10. Peter Dutton: A famous Australian politician who is serving as the Minister of Home Affairs tested positive to coronavirus early in March. He tweeted of his improved condition and thanked fans for their support and wishes.
  11. Tony Salhoub: The actor announced early in May that he and his wife Brooke Adams had contracted coronavirus and were in isolation.
  12. Debi Mazar: A famous actress for her roles in ‘’younger’’, ‘’Entourage’’ and ‘’Goodfellas’’, brought to Instagram that she had tested positive to the virus and the whole family had been put in isolation.
  13. Jair Bolsonaro: The Brazilian president announced in July that he had tested positive for coronavirus.
  14. Olga Kurylenko: An actress in the 2018 James Bond film, ‘’Quantum of Solace’’ and the ‘’Magic city’’ said she tested positive to the global pandemic on March 15. The Ukrainian-born actress shared the news on her Instagram and urged the fans to take the virus seriously.
  15. Viktor Troicki: The Serbian tennis player according to contracted coronavirus after the Andria Tour.
  16. Daniel Dae Kim: An actor in a famous TV announced in march in a 10 minute Instagram video sharing his diagnosis. He had tested positive to coronavirus and was recovering well.
  17. Boris Johnson: The UK Prime Minister tested positive for coronavirus. He announced it on his Twitter that he had experienced mild symptoms of cough and fever and would remain in isolation. He had earlier declined being tested after exposure with a confirmed positive minister.
  18. Chris Cuomo: The 49-year old CNN anchor shared on his Twitter on March 31 that he tested positive for coronavirus. He had symptoms ranging from fever, shortness of breath, and chills. After being exposed to people who had prior tested positive for the virus.
  19. Christopher Cross: The 68-year old singer and songwriter announced on a Facebook page that he had tested positive for COVID-19. The five-time Grammy winner urged his followers to stay home and take precautions as the virus was spreading like wildfire in the world.
  20. Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”:  The 48 –year old actor announced in an Instagram video that he had tested positive for coronavirus together with his wife and two daughters. He said that e and his wife had a tough go but the daughters had mild symptoms. He had got the virus from family friends who did not know they carried the virus.
  21. Broke Baldwin: The popular CNN anchor announced in an Instagram post that he had tested positive. The 40-year anchor revealed having aches chills and fever symptoms even after maintaining social distance.
  22. Kanye West: The 43-year old rapper had said during an interview with Forbes that he had been sick with COVID-19 in February. He had experience chills and shaking but he fully recovered after taking hot showers and watching online videos on how to treat the virus.
  23. Lucian Grange: one of the powerful names in the music industry tested positive for coronavirus in March. The music executive and the CEO of Universal Music Group Inc. underwent treatment at UCLA Medical Center.
  24. J Balvin: The 35-year old Colombian musician revealed to have tested positive for coronavirus while accepting an award at Premios Juventud 2020 in August.
  25. Manu Dibango: Cameroonian Jazz legend died on March 24 of Coronavirus complications according to an announcement on his Facebook page.
  26. Scarface: The famed rapper announces in a new interview with Willie D that he has been battling a long and difficult phase with COVID-19. He urged his fans to not play with the virus as is no joke. His symptoms ranged from fever, vomiting, Pneumonia, and kidney failure.
  27. Christina: New wave singer died on April 1st after being confirmed positive for coronavirus according to The Guardian. Best known for her songs, ‘’Things Fall apart’’ and ‘’Disco Clone’’.
  28. Pink: The singer disclosed she had tested positive for coronavirus on Instagram in April. She had visited the doctor with her son when she experienced the virus symptoms. She was in quarantine and has since recovered.
  29. Jennifer Aydin: The Real House helps of New Jersey actress revealed to have tested positive for Coronavirus. In an Instagram video, she had shared to have contracted the virus and is in quarantine. Her symptoms included extreme fatigue and cough. She urged fans to stay home as that was the right thing t do.
  30. Ahmad Ismail Hussein: The ‘’King of Oud’’, an icon in the Somali music died of the coronavirus complications in April. He was among the founding fathers of modern Somali music.
  31. Kevin Hart: The comedian claimed to have contracted Coronavirus almost the same time as Tom Hanks but didn’t speak about it.
  32. Usain Bolt: The 34-year old Olympic Sprinter tested positive for coronavirus, his agent confirmed to CNN.
  33. Mikel Arteta: The head coach of the Arsenal Football Club tested positive for COVID-19 in April. A club manager and a former player became the first victim of coronavirus in England’s football Premier League and were in isolation.
  34. Fernando Gaviria: He shared a video on Instagram announcing he had tested positive for coronavirus in March. The Colombian cyclist contracted the virus after racing for the team Emirates.
  35. Jeff Koinange: The popular Kenyan TV host said he had tested positive for Coronavirus via Twitter. He said he was asymptomatic and was recovering in isolation.
  36. Borna Coric: The current number 33 Croatian player tested positive for coronavirus according to his announcement on Twitter in June.
  37. Brian Allen: The Lost Angeles Rams Center became the first NFL player to announce his positive results for coronavirus in April on Fox Sports.
  38. Paolo and Daniel Maldini:  Paolo Maldini, the technical director of Italian Soccer Club Powerhouse AC Millan tested positive for coronavirus together with his son, a forward for AC Milan’s Youth team.