Best dog food brands you should try

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The first thing in a dog keeper’s mind is having a healthy canine. Getting the right food to supplement their diet may be tricky as there are numerous brands on the market that promise to deliver but fail. For your young or senior pet to maintain healthy and strong bones, a nourished and shiny coat as well as long life, it needs a balanced dog food diet.

Before considering food, make sure you can comfortably afford it. Most of these dog food brands are quite costly.  All you need is to get a product that will fit your dog’s tummy needs. One food can be the perfect choice for one dog and unfit to the next. To make the right decision, visit a veterinary to guide you on the best food depending on the breed you have.

Here are some of the best brands:

  1. Nutro

One of the best brands that create simple food recipes that provides your dogs with the right nutrients. Its products are GMO-free and ingredients sourced from reputable producers and suppliers. Their products are clean and essentially fit all breeds and life stages. For those with gluten allergies, their gran free formulation is the best.

Nutro products contain hearty stews and wild frontier formulation that boasts of animal protein. Its max version is made from farm-raised chicken which makes it organic. The ultra-formulation which has lamb, a blend of salmon and chicken, ensures the brain development in puppies is complete. The Max and Ultra versions are specifically made for puppies.

2. Wellness Natural Pet Food

If you are looking for the best food that is made with the consideration that the foundation of any living thing, man and animals, nutrition is essential, This brand tops the list. Most of their dog food is natural. The main ingredients include real meat and protein. It has other products such as complete health, Trufood, and simple. Their trufood wellness version is made of cookies and treaties which are ideas for reinforcement.

Most dog lovers can vote for this product as it ensures optimum health for dogs. It has a wide selection of natural grain-free formulations without unnecessary ingredients. They also have wholesome recipes for optimum whole-body canine health.

3. Hill’s Science Diet

This popular brand name is known for the production of specific diets that cater for various dog breeds. Their products also include those dogs with certain types of canine diseases such as diabetes, gastrointestinal complications, and hip dysplasia. They do not believe in gluten allergies in dogs as the food contains soy, wheat, corn, and other allergenic cereals and grains. This brand is ideal for pet lovers whose canines do not have any allergies.

4. Pure Balance

This affordable dog breed is ideal for dogs that require a balance of fats and proteins. It is readily available as it is a product of Walmart and has premium ingredients. It has a well-balanced formulation which is very essential in your pets’ diet. It is produced using cereal and animal ingredients as a main source of proteins. Carbs and grains are also included which meet the general nutritional value.

5. Purina Pro Plan

This popular brand product comes in four variants that cater to the specific needs of your canines. It has an optimum canine nutrient requirement on a daily basis as they focus products are ideal for dogs with special needs such as obesity or other joint abnormalities. The Sport Variant is ideal for dogs that are ever active. It provides the sporting canine with the necessary nutrients for endurance and strength. The Bright mind product is for puppies’ optimum brain development. On the other hand, The Pro plane is a great choice for any dog as it uses high-quality protein with wholesome carbs and oxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, and healthy fatty acids.

Most pet lovers recommend this brand as it has a variety to choose from in satisfying your canines’ nutritional needs.

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