How Technology is taking over the World

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How much do you know about technology? Why would you choose technology? Is technology worth it? Recently, people across the world have embraced the use of technology from their homes, workplace, places of worship, shopping, entertainment, agriculture, and so much more. However, with the increased addiction of internet users to social media and other internet channels, it has become a menace, to be precise, ‘Technology Menace’.Getting a solution to this menace may be futile as many people are relying on technology use.

But, is the technology that bad? I don’t think so. It is more of a two-faced issue that has the good and the bad. We cannot term it bad as it has made everything simple and fast. Doing things manually was a way of the past, nowadays, everything, including simple tasks like cooking needs a little bit of technology to be successful.

What is the future of technology? With increased technological advancements, men have become more creative and innovative. There are constant communication, improved health, better studies, increased crop production, and increased profits. These innovations are mainly to solve imminent issues in everyday life. However, there are cases of abuse and wrongful use.

Why is technology taking over?

The technology was invented and we embraced it fully. The internet and computers are one of the most used and they are doing a great job improving and changing our lives, to almost possessing our lives. We have reached a point in life where we cannot do without it.

For everything we do, it is a key component and some use it to make decisions, which is not entirely wrong or correct, but you need to control you and not be controlled by technology.With proper use, it is worth it. However, misusing it may affect you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Where is Technology Applied?

Every organization, schools, households, health facilities, etc. have embraced the use of technology to ease their workload and more. They include:


The world has become smaller with the use of social media platforms and emails. Businesses have thrived as there is increased yet improved information circulation no matter their location. This has, in turn, boosted their productivity as well as yielded more results. On a personal level, communication with each other has been simplified. Through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you are able to keep in touch anytime anywhere. Transmission of information has also been improved through Televisions, radio, Newspapers, and so on.

The connectivity made possible by smartphones has created efficiencies that never existed before.

Medicine and Health

Improved technological advancements in Medicine have led to lots of positives in the health sector. There is a low infant mortality rate than before. Surgical processes have become easier and more possible. They have seen to it the performance and success of life-threatening surgeries as well as research on new viruses and how to treat them which has never been experienced before. Gone are the days you would walk into a health facility when you are unwell, you can easily connect with a doctor and get prescriptions at the comfort of your home. Hospital records are updated and stored effectively as well as tracking those with terminal illnesses. 

Oil and Gas

Since oil and gas mining requires lots of processes, there are ground taking technologies in place to ensure there is an accurate exploration process. However, these technologies increase environmental pollution which is felt across the globe, there are software and apps which ensure every process is digitized and made simple.


With the invention of robots, everything has been made easy. Manufacturing processes in recent years have improved and the output has been doubled.

The future is wide open.


Everything related to money has been made simple, secure, and fast. Financial transactions have been made easy as you can complete a transaction with a single click on your phone. Most business deals are being closed fast and conveniently unlike before. By the dream of global currency, the future of financial sectors is bright.

Energy and Power

There has been an increase in power generation and availability over the years. This is because of inventions in the Nuclear reactors, solar panels, and much more.


The education sector has greatly improved. Major educational inventions, research, calculations, and writing have been simplified. You can easily learn and read through the internet.

Why technology should be used with care

Technology embrace is one of the best choices you can make. However, how good is it? Are there any negative effects?There are lots of negatives that accompany technology.

These include:

Lack of physical interaction– Most people, especially adults are addicted to social media and they take social media to their homes. More families have less time for each other and less involved in decision making.

Less production– more people have become less productive in the workplace, homes, or industries as they let technology think on their behalf. Some can’t make their own decisions without the lending hand of social media etc.

Unhealthy people– there is more stay on the chair and fewer movements. Obesity has become a normal issue in children and adults. That means increased lifestyle diseases and intellectual inabilities.

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