How to boost your relationship with kids

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Do you want to have a good relationship with your children? Did you know bonding with your children is very simple?

Parenting is not an easy task. With all the determination, commitment, sacrifice, resources, and effort involved, being a parent is one of the greatest. To ensure your relationship with your children is strong, one has to encourage open communication. When your parent-children connection is strong, it makes parenting more manageable and enjoyable. Children connected to their parents tend to be good listeners, help with chores, perform better in school, follow the rules, and talk to their parents about their school, home, or friends’ problems.

To build that connection, the simple things you do to or with them matters a lot.  Children who feel loved and appreciated will quickly want to make their parents proud and happy. They are humble and behave well. However, the relationship does not mean you tolerate their destructive behaviors or spoil them.  Be the parent and build a lifetime relationship with your kids.

Here is how to bond with them:                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Respect your children’s choices

As a parent, you may find it tough to accept your children’s choices, which is normal. Most parents fail to realize that their children are learning and growing fast. You may not like your child’s choice of dressing, what career path they want, which school they need to join, the food they want to eat, or even their room arrangement, but you must respect their choices. Most of the time, children strive for independence even at a young age, and parents should help develop those decision-making skills by being supportive.

Make them a priority.

Your children should never feel that they aren’t a priority in your life. They notice when you are not paying attention to them. Sometimes as a parent, no matter the stress or issue you have. Enjoy your children and stop worrying about things that can always be solved later. Parents never forget that children grow up so fast and will move away, so every day with them should be unique. It is incredible to take advantage of the time together when you still have it.

Accept your children’s help.

Parents sometimes refuse opportunities for their children wanting to help. For example, children may feel the need to help with children or cleaning. Simply telling them that they do not know what they are doing dampens a child’s spirit, which means parents will miss out on opportunities for strengthening their relationship as there is no closeness.

You can give them the task of unloading groceries after going to the store; this is a task that is no age limit and will make your children feel powerful when they help. Children can also give you great opinions. You can ask how your blouse, dress, or hair looks or how tasty the food is. They will know you value their opinion and will feel proud.  When you get their view, make sure you can live with it.

Eat meals as a family.

When you eat together, it sets a stage for real amazing conversation and sharing. Collect all phones and put them away or turn off the television during meals to avoid distractions. Ensure there is total concentration and do not rush through meals. Let them take their time and do some real talk, and enjoy each other’s company. Children will always remember these moments, no matter how long it will be or when they grow up and move out.

Tell your children you love them.

It is a recommendation for parents to tell their children they love them no matter their age. Even when you are fighting, disagreements, or punishing them. Your frequency in informing them of your love builds your relationship further. During your conflict moments, the best time to remind them you love them is a simple ‘I love you’ your children will always feel safe, loved, and appreciated.

Play with them

Children sometimes need their parents to take part in their activities. At times you can get up from your bed or couch and join your children on the floor to play with their dolls, throw balls, play hide and seek, decorate balloons, sing songs, paint or play cooking games. You can also play cards, video games, or chess with your teenagers. You do not have to get a specific game to play. As long as you give your children full attention in the playground, you are good to go.  Let your children experience your goofy and playful side. You may be amazed at how they would want to involve you in everything they do.

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