Prominent personalities who have tested positive to Coronavirus

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone. Since its onset across the world, there has been an increase in infection transmission and deaths. In the beginning, most people had the stigma of getting tested. With improved awareness, more and more people are getting tested and following the given rules and regulations.

Celebrities, politicians, athletes, and influencers like any other people are affected by this pandemic. Since the onset, they have taken social media a blast to share their disclosures, updates, and encouraging their fans to do the right thing.

Considering the numerous activities high profile people engage in such as private events, meeting people, traveling, or going on shoots, there is an increase in celebrities Covid-19 cases.

Here is a list of some prominent people who have been affected by coronavirus:

  1. Idris Elba: A British musician and actor shared a video on Twitter on March 16 to announce he had tested positive for Coronavirus. While he remains asymptomatic, he decided to test after he was exposed to someone who had been diagnosed with the virus.
  2. Maria Teresa: The Spanish Princess of Bourbon-Parma became the first royal to die from Coronavirus in March.
  3. Prince Albert II: The first head of state to contract the coronavirus and the second royal, the 62-year old prince was home isolation receiving treatment.
  4. Mwana FA: The famous Tanzania Rapper, also Khamis Mwajuma, confirmed to have tested positive to Coronavirus on March 19. He had shared a video on Instagram where he urged his fans to take care of each other.
  5. Kristofer Hivju: A popular Norwegian actor, known for his role in The Game of Thrones, confirmed to have tested positive to Coronavirus on March 16. He shared a photo on Instagram to share the news as he was in isolation with minor symptoms.
  6. Rand Paul: The United States senator became the first senator to test positive for coronavirus in March.  
  7. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson: Internationally recognized actor shared on Instagram on March 11 that he and his wife Rita Wilson had contracted Coronavirus. They confirmed to have tested positive when they felt flu and cold symptoms. They isolated themselves for 14 days for their recovery. They contracted the virus while in Australia shooting a film on Elvis Presley.
  8. Kanika Kapoor: She is one of the first people in the Indian film industry to test positive to coronavirus. The singer was diagnosed with three others in Uttar Pradesh. However, she angered people when she didn’t disclose her foreign travels putting hundreds on the risk of contracting the virus.
  9. Prince Charles and Camilla: The eldest son to Queen Elizabeth II and first in line to the British throne, Prince Charles tested positive to Coronavirus on 25th March. With only mild symptoms, he had isolated himself together with the wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall who confirmed to be positive to the virus.
  10. Peter Dutton: A famous Australian politician who is serving as the Minister of Home Affairs tested positive to coronavirus early in March. He tweeted of his improved condition and thanked fans for their support and wishes.
  11. Tony Salhoub: The actor announced early in May that he and his wife Brooke Adams had contracted coronavirus and were in isolation.
  12. Debi Mazar: A famous actress for her roles in ‘’younger’’, ‘’Entourage’’ and ‘’Goodfellas’’, brought to Instagram that she had tested positive to the virus and the whole family had been put in isolation.
  13. Jair Bolsonaro: The Brazilian president announced in July that he had tested positive for coronavirus.
  14. Olga Kurylenko: An actress in the 2018 James Bond film, ‘’Quantum of Solace’’ and the ‘’Magic city’’ said she tested positive to the global pandemic on March 15. The Ukrainian-born actress shared the news on her Instagram and urged the fans to take the virus seriously.
  15. Viktor Troicki: The Serbian tennis player according to contracted coronavirus after the Andria Tour.
  16. Daniel Dae Kim: An actor in a famous TV announced in march in a 10 minute Instagram video sharing his diagnosis. He had tested positive to coronavirus and was recovering well.
  17. Boris Johnson: The UK Prime Minister tested positive for coronavirus. He announced it on his Twitter that he had experienced mild symptoms of cough and fever and would remain in isolation. He had earlier declined being tested after exposure with a confirmed positive minister.
  18. Chris Cuomo: The 49-year old CNN anchor shared on his Twitter on March 31 that he tested positive for coronavirus. He had symptoms ranging from fever, shortness of breath, and chills. After being exposed to people who had prior tested positive for the virus.
  19. Christopher Cross: The 68-year old singer and songwriter announced on a Facebook page that he had tested positive for COVID-19. The five-time Grammy winner urged his followers to stay home and take precautions as the virus was spreading like wildfire in the world.
  20. Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”:  The 48 –year old actor announced in an Instagram video that he had tested positive for coronavirus together with his wife and two daughters. He said that e and his wife had a tough go but the daughters had mild symptoms. He had got the virus from family friends who did not know they carried the virus.
  21. Broke Baldwin: The popular CNN anchor announced in an Instagram post that he had tested positive. The 40-year anchor revealed having aches chills and fever symptoms even after maintaining social distance.
  22. Kanye West: The 43-year old rapper had said during an interview with Forbes that he had been sick with COVID-19 in February. He had experience chills and shaking but he fully recovered after taking hot showers and watching online videos on how to treat the virus.
  23. Lucian Grange: one of the powerful names in the music industry tested positive for coronavirus in March. The music executive and the CEO of Universal Music Group Inc. underwent treatment at UCLA Medical Center.
  24. J Balvin: The 35-year old Colombian musician revealed to have tested positive for coronavirus while accepting an award at Premios Juventud 2020 in August.
  25. Manu Dibango: Cameroonian Jazz legend died on March 24 of Coronavirus complications according to an announcement on his Facebook page.
  26. Scarface: The famed rapper announces in a new interview with Willie D that he has been battling a long and difficult phase with COVID-19. He urged his fans to not play with the virus as is no joke. His symptoms ranged from fever, vomiting, Pneumonia, and kidney failure.
  27. Christina: New wave singer died on April 1st after being confirmed positive for coronavirus according to The Guardian. Best known for her songs, ‘’Things Fall apart’’ and ‘’Disco Clone’’.
  28. Pink: The singer disclosed she had tested positive for coronavirus on Instagram in April. She had visited the doctor with her son when she experienced the virus symptoms. She was in quarantine and has since recovered.
  29. Jennifer Aydin: The Real House helps of New Jersey actress revealed to have tested positive for Coronavirus. In an Instagram video, she had shared to have contracted the virus and is in quarantine. Her symptoms included extreme fatigue and cough. She urged fans to stay home as that was the right thing t do.
  30. Ahmad Ismail Hussein: The ‘’King of Oud’’, an icon in the Somali music died of the coronavirus complications in April. He was among the founding fathers of modern Somali music.
  31. Kevin Hart: The comedian claimed to have contracted Coronavirus almost the same time as Tom Hanks but didn’t speak about it.
  32. Usain Bolt: The 34-year old Olympic Sprinter tested positive for coronavirus, his agent confirmed to CNN.
  33. Mikel Arteta: The head coach of the Arsenal Football Club tested positive for COVID-19 in April. A club manager and a former player became the first victim of coronavirus in England’s football Premier League and were in isolation.
  34. Fernando Gaviria: He shared a video on Instagram announcing he had tested positive for coronavirus in March. The Colombian cyclist contracted the virus after racing for the team Emirates.
  35. Jeff Koinange: The popular Kenyan TV host said he had tested positive for Coronavirus via Twitter. He said he was asymptomatic and was recovering in isolation.
  36. Borna Coric: The current number 33 Croatian player tested positive for coronavirus according to his announcement on Twitter in June.
  37. Brian Allen: The Lost Angeles Rams Center became the first NFL player to announce his positive results for coronavirus in April on Fox Sports.
  38. Paolo and Daniel Maldini:  Paolo Maldini, the technical director of Italian Soccer Club Powerhouse AC Millan tested positive for coronavirus together with his son, a forward for AC Milan’s Youth team.

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