Passion, zeal, interest, skills, and income are some of the forces that push people to opt for running their businesses instead of being employed.

At the end of the day, you want to be happy and relaxed as you watch over the growth and stability of your investment.

You may ask yourself, am I making the right decision to leave my well-paying job and be my boss? What about my co-workers? Do I need to do this?

The answer lies with you.  Small business owners are the modern society entrepreneurs and their input helps a lot in the economic growth of a country’s economy.

Being a small business owner comes with a lot of benefits that make you feel satisfied all the time.

You are your boss

What makes a good business click? Being a boss you can oversee all the day to day activities in your business.  From the management of funds, purchasing of goods, paying your suppliers not forgetting creating your dreams into reality.

Decision making solely lies with you. Taking your business to another level requires good decision making and rightful choices made by the boss. You have the steering wheel in your hands to make your business achieve the goals you so much desire.

Single-handed you can make your business operations better, create favorable brands, and end up making a good organization.

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Your life is balanced

There is a lot of independence when you run your own business, it doesn’t matter how you operate and which direction you are bound to take while at work. For instance, the life balance that comes with when you are the boss is magnificent. Let us say if a woman not excluding men and the millennial owns a business, she will create time for her family by taking time off without seeking permission. One can still work from home comfortably.

If you happen to retire today from your paid job, the question will be, what else can I do to keep myself useful? Don’t overthink, there are a lot of things you can do as an individual. Read business.  You can keep yourself busy by owning a business hence doing something satisfactory.

Controlling your finances

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Do I  require someone to manage my finances when am the boss? The answer is no.

There is peace when you know your money is safe and profits are visible. Financial control is an advantage to the owner of a business. An example when you are employed, there is so much that you cannot control on matters related to finances. Imagine being on the payroll today and the next day when you wake up your name has been scrapped off the payroll list unexpectedly. Without finances, you will be lost when a dire need arises.

Being a boss you can set prices hence making profits thus more income. You have the control button with you. You can become a team player, a coach, and an adviser on matters related to finances to people who have an interest in starting their own business.

Small business owners’ financial accounts will be full thus making the business run smoothly through good financial management.


The zeal that drove you to become a business owner will have placed you in a field that you enjoy working in. your business will be successful through your input hence reaping more income. The smile will be written all over your face. A satisfied business person is a success.

 Choosing your group

Without an engine, there is no way a process will start. As a business owner, all the freedom of choosing who to hire or employ is with you. One can opt to employ close friends, close family members, or former workmates. You select only the best for your business. Their positive mindset will make you confident thus making your business move to a higher level.

Owning a business and running it, is the best thing one can do in their lives. Be flexible and let the world know your skills.