Top 10 Beaches you need to visit in the world

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Visiting beaches is among the luxurious yet fun activities you can engage with. Beaches are beautiful and give you a relaxing and soothing feeling. From the deep and shallow waters, you are sure to get what you need. They have a fantastic landscape you can sightsee anytime from the sunsets, whale viewing, playing games, or swimming. If you need fun on the beach, book your flight and head there. You have a variety of choices to make. They are not that costly. Depending on your budget, you are sure to get what fits you.  Here are some of the famous beaches:

  1. Raudasandur Beach Iceland is remotely located in the west fjords of Iceland, famously known as a red sand beach because of its unique red sand feature. It also explains why its name in the local language resembles its unusual name. The magnificent part about this beach is that the sand changes from yellow to red and black. It stretches for more than 10km with a camping area near the beach, giving you easy access to the beach at any time. The beach has a touchy history attached to the people’s real cultural stories harbored by the neighborhood. Hundreds of grey seals often sported sunbathing together in the summertime.
Rauðasandur Beach

2. La Chiva, Vieques, Puerto Rico

La Chiva, Vieques,Puerto Rico was nicknamed the ‘blue beach’ during the navy army’s presence due to the blue horizons. La Chiva is the leading name among the locals. This luxurious beach is calmer during summer, and the waters are crystal clear and calm. The waves are small and gentle, a perfect choice for small children and the whole family. In this crystal clear water, you will enjoy viewing the school of beautiful and colorful fish migrate from place to place. La Chiva has the best road leading to the beach, which allows you to enjoy the beautiful flora in the surrounding.

La Chiva, Vieques Beach

3. Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Hawaii‘s among the best-highlighted beach well known for surfing and sunbathing. Sometimes surfing becomes dangerous due to its significant wave nature. Swimming is dangerous, especially during wintertime; the waves become more influential and increase in frequency. It is the best time to watch waves as they sway to the land enjoying the cool breeze. During summertime, the waves go flat in collaboration with sunset beach state park gives way to new fantastic snorkeling. At this time you may come to enjoy breathtakingly, and the beautiful sun is setting that it’s interesting to watch.

Sunset Beach Oahu

4. Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

Bermuda, is among the top beaches globally with beautiful sceneries and moderate waves. For the whole family getaway and swimming, it is ideal due to its shallow nature. It provides accommodation for the entire family in all capacities, suitable for jogging, playing volleyball, and kick back on the sand. It hosts many beach parties throughout the year, including its largest beach party every summer as part of a cap match celebration. Many affordable hotels and restaurants are neighboring the beach that encourages one to take a vocational trip to this beautiful beach.

Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

5. Hilton Head Island

Top-rated beach in the United States of America found in South Carolina. It is among the oldest beaches globally, with a rich history of Native Americans having seasonal vocational visits. The island is surrounded by a variety of beaches, some of which make this island famous. These beaches make this place accommodate every category of people willing to visit the site ranging from young to adults.  It also provides a broad list to choose from what sort you are interested in parks and reserves. Examples of beaches on this island include Coligny Beach, Driessen Beach, a boardwalk, a playground, and grills for al fresco picnics.

Hilton Head Island

6. Turquoise bay, Exmouth, Australia

Turquoise bay,Exmouth, Australia, rated Australia and the entire world as one of the best exciting places to visit in Australia’s Western part. It’s covered with a long-range of white sand that plunges into the crystal-like clear water lying next to the coral reefs accessed by a short-range swim off the beach. This place’s uniqueness is the drift snorkel, where one jumps into the water at one end of the beach and is drifted to the other end by the prevailing currents along the reefs. While enjoying this nature, always consider avoiding causing damage to the carol reefs and different aquatic life. Moreover, the hospitality of the people and delicious food served is on another level.

Turquoise bay, Exmouth, Australia

7. Playa Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Playa Manuel Antonio, Costa RicaPopularly is known as a family beach neighboring Manuel Antonio National Park. Three-toed sloths and white-faced capuchin monkeys emerge from the coastal rainforest to the delight of tiny beachgoers; this makes it more beautiful to visit. At the entrance, you enjoy seeing the beautiful nature and the monkeys. You will find soft sand and shallow to deep waters for swimming other than enjoying the beautiful dawn sunset at the beach.

Playa Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

8. Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana beach has conquered borders and spread all over the world. It is located on the Atlantic shores, which begin at Princesa Isabel Avenue and ends at Posto Seis. Well known one of the most extensive beaches on a stretch of 4 kilometers. Due to many activities taking place at the beach and water sports make popular. It’s a place where you can find more than just sun-worshippers, beach volleyball, and football matches but also lovely tasty food.

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

9. Maundays Bay Anguilla

Anguilla is filled with lots of beautiful and luxurious beaches; Maundays is the best. It is famous for its soft sand, clear waters, half-moon arch, and gradual slope. Like any other public beach, you will not expect to find crowds; it mostly has predominant guests who visit and go. It is the best vocational place with pleasing surroundings with beautiful and affordable hotels. There is a whole lot of activities you can do on this beach.

10. Kiawah Island

Kiawah Island was Found in the southern part of Carolina. This beach has worn so many prices in different years. It has a variety of exciting things, including natural beauty and recreation for all ages. Kiawah Island’s sands invite you to find your high energy fun or relaxation along with the shoreline sunbathing, playing games, bike riding, building sandcastles and beachcombing, and much more.

Kiawah Island

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