Top 10 places to visit in the world on a budget

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Have you ever felt you do not have enough resources to travel? If yes, do not worry as you can always get what fits you. We always think that to travel, you need to get a fortune. However, that is not the case. There are low budget destinations you can visit and have fun to the fullest.

Travelling is all about fun, learning new things and meeting new people. Having an ideal place to relax is an added advantage. Anywhere you wish to visit across the globe, you always have a variety to choose from.

Here are the top places you should try:

  1. Tampa Florida

The best time to visit this beautiful and budget guarantee place is in summer and spring. Tampa is a popular place due to its great food and drinks as well as amazing sceneries. It is a great destination for the whole family with its proximity to the rich Gulf Coast beaches, Busch Gardens, and parks.

They have an option of unlimited visit pass for spring and summer for less than $100 which guarantees you unending visits and tours as desired. Well, you can also feed giraffes on your way.

You can also get to visit the Ybor city and get to learn about the Cuban culture and get to know how cigars are made for free. With 16 breweries in the area, you got to learn how beers are made.

2. Louisville Kentucky

Louisville prides itself with museums, tours, cultures, eateries, and beautiful sceneries. Their ‘Hop on a bird’ electronic scooters helps you get around the city as you have a glimpse of what the city can offer. Their rich cultures can evidently be seen and felt and exploring their great city comes with a consolation that you can do all things and have fun while on a budget as you make great memories.

You can easily access their free bus and houlift which get you anywhere from the Churchill downs to Whiskey row easily. If you enjoy walks, taking a few steps on the Big Four Bridge will give you a chance to be in two states, Kentucky and Indiana.

3. Agra India

Agra, the famous home to the Taj Mahal is on the top list of any traveling lists. It is a cost-effective destination, requiring as low as $43 to enter. Most people want a Taj Mahal shot and are recommended to visit in the morning. It is considered as the heart of Islamic art in India. Built by the emperor Shah Janan as a mausoleum for the wife is one of the biggest declarations of love ever made in the world.

It is a beautiful palace you wouldn’t enjoy visiting. You can always get cost-effective eateries and places to stay near the area.

4. Namibia

When it comes to the best travel paradise, Namibia, in West Africa is the best. Most visitors have a chance to view their beautiful landscapes with untouched nature. It is a country that boasts of owning some of the oldest dunes in the world. With their jeep safaris, you are sure of getting anywhere including where the largest sand dunes meet the Atlantic Ocean.

Dunes of Namib desert meet the Atlantic Ocean

It’s a perfect place with rich cultures and friendly people.

5. Zanzibar

If you need to relax and interact, Zanzibar should be the top on your list. The serene environment surrounded by the great ocean breeze is a perfect getaway place. Getting affordable accommodation with finger-licking food is some of the goodies in this place. It also has rich cultures with friendly people just what you need with your budget.

6. Bueno Aires Argentina

It is one of the intoxicating and amazing countries in the world for visits. The streets in this area are decorated with grand European style architecture, a home for many parks, and boasts of homely and great cafes with delicious food.

Superb food is not all there is of this great place. The wines and accommodation are cost-effective. It is recommended you visit during the spring and fall season because of the mild temperatures, little crowd, and colorful foliage.

Igauzu Falls ,Argentina

7. Hawaii

For beautiful beaches and delicious cuisines, there is no other place other than this tropical breeze area. There are various hotels and accommodation areas that are affordable and safe. You can easily walk on to the many public beaches which give you a chance for snorkeling, for example, Kaunaoa Bay which also tops on the best beaches list.

8. Dakar Senegal

Dakar is one of the modern towns in the world. It is easier to navigate and that gets better if you know some French. It is a unique town with the best to offer for both new and experienced travelers. It has all that there is to a luxurious life on a budget.

African Renaissance Monument

9. Budapest Hungary

Budapest is a famous place in Europe with a rich culture and a home to many universities and restaurants. It is well enclosed with a wide variety of culture of folk traditions with its own distinctive style influenced by various ethnic groups such as the Roman people. It has amazing parks and is always green all year round.

10. Fiji

Being a Pacific Island, you could think they have very expensive resorts, beaches, and food. However, that’s not the case. Their popular Yasawa Island is the perfect place to have affordable guesthouses, food, transportation, and fun.

Blue lagoon cruise; Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands

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