Top 6 gay Friendly Destinations in the World

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Belonging to the LGBQ community is viewed as an abomination and unacceptable in many countries across the globe. In most cases, they fight to have freedom to love, to work and accepted. However, on the accepted few, where do you go for dates or a time out together? Do you have any options in terms of visiting or staying? If not, you are in the right place.

Here is a list of the popular gay destinations you should try:

  1. Armsterdam- Netherlands

The Netherlands was one of the first countries in the world to legalize gay marriages. It is a serene country with lots of beautiful sceneries for anyone to visit. It is popular for its tolerance Reguliersdwarsstract, a village in Amsterdam that has lots of gay cafes, shops, bars, clubs, and parties.

Pride week in Amsterdam is all about partying and fewer protests. Lots of gay events happen in this area such as the Amsterdam Beer Weekend in March, Amsterdam Leather Pride in October, and IQMF (International Queer &Migrant Film Festival) in December.

Netherlands has taken the mandate to protect the LGBTQ community buy putting up laws to combat hate speech based on who they are, whom they choose to love, their gender, gender expression, and allowing them to work in the Dutch Army.

2. South Africa

The first African country to legalize LQBTQ rights in the constitution in 1995 and allowed gay marriages from 2006. The Gay scene in Johannesburg and Capetown is the largest in the Country.

Cape Town boasts of a gay village in De Waterkant, Greenpoint, and Seapoint where those in the community can visit without fear. As of Johannesburg, you can easily find a gay destination from the many cropping up such as Parkhurst and Melville. You can also visit small cities which include Durban, Berea &Stellenbosch, and Port Elizabeth among many.

Johannesburg and Cape Town have the largest pride events which happen in October. It is nicknamed the Pride of Africa as it is the largest event in Africa.

It is safe when travelers identify their non-discriminatory gay places in South Africa as the place is unsafe for all people them included.

South Africa has some of the best safaris and Great Park to visit. These include the Kruger National Park, the Kgalagadi as well as the Kalahari and Robben Islands.

3. Tel Aviv-Israel

This great and amazing city has a class of its own. It has recently grown in terms of cuisines, nightlife, art, and LGBTQ presence. Their pride event is just great. You will notice more people matching and partying in the streets to the beach. The event is most characterized by music, celebrations, color, dancing, and community.

People from this community want acceptance and safety. Tel Aviv gives them a chance to be secure with lots of friendly destinations in the area. It is a beautiful city with all anything you need.

4. New York USA

New York is considered as the ultimate LGBTQ destination in the world. No matter your sexual preferences, you are free to visit. This luxurious and amazing city prides her with the Hells kitchen, a famous travel destination for gay hangouts. The Henrietta Hudson is one of the popular villages with a lesbian bar. The queer and transgender also have their Wednesday day.

The wood in Brooklyn is one of the best travel spots you should try. For those who don’t drink, you can visit Chelsea a dinner at an LGBTQ restaurant owned such as Elmo or cafeteria. There are lots of places to tour in this city and have a blast with those you love.

5. Canada

Canada is one of the gayest friendly countries in the world. They go over and above to welcome gay visitors all over. Their prime minister, Justin Trudeau led a gay pride parade, waved the transgender flag, and sang out happy pride even without being gay.

With the legalization of gay marriage in 2005, the state of Canada banned discrimination on the basis of people’s sexual orientation and allowed the LGBTQ community to openly serve in the Canadian Military.

The gay scene in Canada is thriving as in almost all cities, there are rainbow signs and events taking place throughout the year. They host their own national pride events,’the Canada pride’ and many other gay ski-based events happening in January including the Whistler pride and ski festival. Most people visit at this time as the events are filly marked and identified especially for them.

Canada is among the safest and you can easily spot a gay couple holding hands in public. As of landscapes, the Niagara and Nahami Falls do the trick.

6. Spain

Madrid holds one of the best pride events in the world. The city is equipped with lots of gay-friendly destinations than other cities. Spain is the third country in the world to legalize LGBTQ and allowed them to serve in the army. They allowed the transgender people to register preferred gender in documents such as the DC Cards and birth certificates.

All main cities have an active gay scene. For example, Chueca in Madrid, Gaixample in Barcelona, and other small cities such as Benidorms old town area, Bario del Carmen, and Callen de la virgin in Ibiza. The pride event takes place in almost all cities, the famous being the Madrid Pride festival.

Spain is the best place to visit due to its delicious foods such as tortillas and jamons. Have some of the best beaches in Europe. They are safe and have brilliant parties for everyone. A visit to Spain is safe even in rural areas.

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