Top cities in the world with the best Private Jet Flights

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Private air travel is the common means of travel. It is loved and recommended due to its swiftness, safety and easily accessible. However, they are a bit expensive, they are the best and most used. From the recent reports, the number of people using these luxurious and classy machines is steady rising.

Using a private jet is a wonderful experience as one can avoid the hassles that come with chartering commercial planes. Nowadays, most countries have embraced private jets. To reach your destination, either for business or leisure, these flexible babies come in handy.

If you wish to travel using private jets, these cities made it easier:


It’s worldly known as the center of private Jet travel. This city prides itself on essential business as it connects Europe with North America.London is a tourist destination for luxury travelers from around the world.  Most active visitors use Private Jets as compared to airlines. These flexible machines are swift and you only need a few hours to reach your destination.

New York and Washington

New York and Washington

The New York Washington flight path is the most used route by Private jets. This route as per the year 2017 there were over 5000 private flights.

Los Angeles

It’s famous for holding sports and entertainment because of amazing luxurious clubs, its culture, and a business hub. This makes Los Angeles a place where people fly with Private jets to the city anytime.

Las Vegas

It is a popular tourist spot as well as the famous world’s private Jet destination. Las Vegas is a city with a reputation of being the home of America’s adult playground that makes it a natural private jet destination. This is because chartering normal planes will have you meeting people you might know.

Private Jets accord privacy of the highest order from when you land and also from when you leave.

Nice, French Riviera

Nice is very popular for its businesses and leisure. Sporting events and cultural events e.g Cannes Film festival, the Monaco Grand pix, and property expo MIPIM take place in the Cote d’Azur region, a perfect private jet travel destination.  They hold a large number of conferences that attract wealthy people who choose to use these jets for security, time-saving, and privacy purposes.

Anguilla Caribbean

Anguilla Caribbean

This is an island paradise that only needs a private jet. Anguilla Caribbean has crystal clear waters and the most beautiful beaches, with awesome buffets which give a quiet vibe. It has a small airport that’s a 5000-foot long runway that cannot accommodate mainland commercial flights which are huge

Telleride Colorado

It has exciting Ski resorts and with these lifestyles private jets come in handy. Popular prestigious resorts cannot be reached by commercial flights, a jet is an option.Private jets ensure that you get closer to where you are going. Tellurides major airport Montrose Regional is 90 minutes away by car which makes people choose private jets.

Faroe Islands

This is an island in the Arctic Circle. Getting it is tricky, but private jets make it seem easy to arrive. This is because they are barely accessible by commercial air travel. The 18 major islands of the Faroe Islands in Northern Europe are over 800 miles of coastlines and abundant dramatic landscapes which with a jet you enjoy the view.

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