Why you need not wear Heels

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Do you feel incomplete without your heels? Dou you own a pair(s) of heels? Heels are most women’s pride worldwide. They are a must-have fashion accessory in any wardrobe. As much as they add confidence, power, and sophistication required to complete the look, these “killer heels” have a way of affecting the bearer.

Heels were originally created for the male horse riders to prevent their feet from slipping the stirrups; it is on the top of the list footwear choice for women everywhere. They are addictive and cost much but that does not stop ladies from owning as many pairs as possible.

For any fashion-minded women, heels are a symbol of beauty, style, and luxury. However, do they know why the killer heels do to their bodies?

Here are the reasons you need to change your mind:

Lower back pain

 Heels improve your appearance. However, as much as you will look great, confident, and powerful, their effects on your body after long use are eye-opening. When walking or standing on heels, your pelvis tends to push forward placing great pressure on your lumbar spine. In return, you have tremendous pain on your lower back which if not corrected, may lead to serious complications and discomfort.

Lack of cushion

Wearing heels is amazing. However, with heels, your entire body weight is placed on the ball of your feet and the heels become the balance. In the long run, heels tend to wear out the natural padding you have on the ball of your foot and create immense pain and discomfort.

Increased joint pain

Flat soled shoes have a significant level of shock absorption, unlike heels. You can easily rotate your toes and foot what heels deny you with its straight and unbending position your feet are forced to adhere to.

A free and comfortable shoe will relieve some pressure from your legs. However, high heels cause the knee to absorb the pressure in every step leading to severe joint pain cases or symptoms of arthritis. It is not advisable to stay in heels for a long time as your amazing beauties will leave your joints stiff and sore. You may also experience leg cramps due to the worn-out cartilage in the joints.

Nerve pain and damage

The beautiful killer heels do not only negatively impact the feet but also our delicate nervous system. Heels are incredible, but anything beyond 3 inches with time causes a condition known as Stenosis. It is mostly characterized by numbness, shooting pain, cramping, spasms, muscle weakness, and joint issues. It is also a possible cause of Sciatica.

Changed posture

Wearing wheels will lead you to adapt to a different walking style due to a change in the center of your gravity.  If you wear heels on a daily basis and on a longer period, your tendons and muscles adapt to your movement, standing, or walking. However, this adaptation may have a negative effect on hamstrings, calf muscles, spine, back and the plantar Fascia increasing injury possibilities.  Moreover, they shorten the back and calves.

Damaged toenails

According to research from Layola Medicine, high heels cause ingrown toenails. When toes compress against each other, they cause the big toenails to grow into the skin. If that happens, you are prone to have fungal infections.

Rocking your favorite footwear may not be that dangerous if used in moderation. Ensure the heels you wear should not be 3 and above inches, as it is, ‘the higher the heels, the greater the strain’.

With that said, how can you solve these issues?

  • Stretch your leg muscles before and after wearing heels
  • Minimize the time you wear heels
  • Always get a fitting heel or shoe, most probably in the afternoon when the feet are at their best.
  • Massaging your feet after wearing heels.
  • Avoid pointed shoes.

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