Why you need to chuck Co-working and get a real office

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Do you want to quit co-working? Are you aware of the benefits of a real office?

Co-working spaces offer a lot of advantages for self-starters including networking opportunities, daily structure, and increased productivity, flexibility and cost savings, remote access, enhanced productivity, reduces loneliness, breaking out of your comfort zone, wellness, and work-life balance. It also gives you an opportunity to work in a well-equipped office without the hassle of a long-term, expensive lease. But, overstaying your welcome at a co-working space is like overstaying your time at your parents and it comes at a real cost.

This experience is great but with time, you start seeing advantages and disadvantages, and having your own space starts to look like a more attractive option.

Everyone’s experience will be somewhat different, but here are three benefits of having your own Office.

1. Peace and Quiet

In most cases, it’s about money. The fact that you are hitting 40, 50, or 60, and still sharing space becomes a lot less practical. But there are also the obvious environmental factors and downsides including noise and lack of privacy. While most workers are great and friendly, everyone can be affected by each other’s business cycle.

When everyone is loud, it’s hard to be productive. All you need maybe a quiet and peaceful environment. Co-workers who identify as extroverts choose to work alone for much of their workday. And the reverse is also true: introverts often also enjoy socializing in small groups. Although most need solitary work time, they don’t want to be alone all day long.

Without a deep dive into psychological theory, we all know some of us to need more quiet time than others to thrive. Quiet spaces may be especially important for workers who classify themselves as introverts, but quiet spaces tend to benefit everyone else.

With co-working, you don’t have enough private space for groups to collaborate in, and eventually, it starts to impact your workflow as you need access to the dedicated place where people can think, brainstorm, meet or make important phone calls.

2. Its Cheaper to get your own space

Co-working is convenient. But it doesn’t necessarily come cheap. If you’ve just got a few employees, it can definitely make sense from a financial standpoint. You’re not paying for a whole office and all the associated expenses. Instead, you’re just renting a few desks, often month-by-month. But once the business begins to take off, you can get more quality furniture for your office and you suddenly realize you would be saving a lot of money by getting your own space.

When you reach a point where leasing your own office becomes cheaper than sharing space, it will vary depending on the local real estate market and the demands of your business. Then, there are all the additional expenses to consider, from utilities to that must-have coffee machine, kitchen utilities such as a water dispenser, microwave, and files. Doing some quick math should give you an idea of when it’s time to ditch the co-working space and get your own place.

3. In a co-working Space, your culture takes a hit.

In a Co-working space, it’s hard for employees to feel proud or a real sense of ownership and investment. Worse; you’re never settled hence you find yourself leasing different spaces in less than a year or so. It’s like letting an apartment and sleeping in somebody else’s bed, sitting on somebody else’s sofa, or looking at someone’s art. Something feels a bit off.

When you finally strike out on your own, you get a chance to build something that reflects on who you are and your company.

Not to mention, your culture can’t blossom when it’s constantly surrounded by other companies and their unique vibe and values. Psychologically, it is crucial that you get your own space as a testament to how far you have come but, more importantly, as a testament to how far you could go.

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